Renting a Car

When traveling to underdeveloped countries, the means of transport is not as reliable as that of the developed countries. You’ll need to make arrangements for your own means of transport if you don’t want to wake up to disappointment every day. Renting a car is one of the best options when seeking a reliable means of transport in any country. However, there are some important points you need to consider when doing this some of which are listed below:

Get the Right Vehicle

You need to consider the condition of the roads in the country so that you get a car that will get through it. The number of people you’ll be traveling with and the amount of gas that the vehicle consumes are also important considerations.  If you are not very good at driving cars, you should go for an automatic transmission car as it’ll be easier to drive.

Avoid Last Minute Bookings

To ensure that you get the best vehicle for your travels, make your booking at least one week before you travel.  In doing this, you’ll pay less for your vehicle and also get to choose the vehicle that you really want. In most cases, rental car owners will take advantage of you and charge higher if you were making the booking in person and it would be even worse if there is a language barrier.

Get a Designated Driver

If this is the first time you’re traveling to the country, it is most likely that you don’t know your way around. You need to have a designated driver who should be conversant with the roads in that region. However, you can also choose to drive following a map of the region and in case you get lost, you can always consult the locals. 

Consider the Right Company

There are numerous car rental companies in most underdeveloped countries some that can be trusted and others that you cannot rely on.  You need to choose a reputable company that has well-maintained vehicles and one that has fulfilled all the requirements set by the authorities. 

In most cases, you’ll be in a better position when dealing with an upcoming car rental company as they have a better customer service. They will go out of their way to get you the best so that any time you are coming to the country, you’d consider renting their vehicle again. The cost of renting from smaller companies is also lower compared to the cost of dealing with a more established car rental company.

Inspect the Vehicle Before Signing the Agreement

You need to ensure that the vehicle you’ll be renting is in good condition before taking it. if you are not very good with cars, you can hire a mechanic to check the vehicle out on your behalf. If you are satisfied with the condition of the vehicle, you can then go ahead and sign the agreement with the rental company.  

It is also important to ensure that your insurance covers the rental vehicle so that if anything goes wrong, you’ll not suffer a financial loss.

Booking a Place to Stay in Underdeveloped Countries

After choosing the underdeveloped country you wish to visit, the greatest dilemma is choosing the best place to stay. When you check online, you find a list of very good hotels and other forms of accommodation. Here are some of the factors you’ll need to consider when booking your accommodation in underdeveloped countries:


When choosing your accommodation in an underdeveloped country, you need to consider where the hotel is located.  You need to consider the best attractions you wish to visit such as parks and beaches and possible it will be to access them from your accommodation.

Entertainment Options

It is also important to consider the proximity of other amenities such as roads for ease of getting around. However classy a hotel may be, if there is no means of getting from the hotel to various destinations, you should look for another place that is more convenient.

If you’ll be traveling with your family, you need to get a place where your children will have access to entertainment centers. Look for a hotel that has a swimming pool, spa, movie theater, and a gym as well if you are a fitness guru. You should also get a place that has WiFi connectivity if you need to connect with the world or carry out some business transactions while away on vacation.


You need to consider the amount you are willing to spend on your accommodation before booking. Most underdeveloped countries have more expensive hotels and the ones that are affordable.  Choose the one that will not put too much strain on your budget so that you can have enough to spend on other fun activities.


This is one of the most important considerations when choosing your accommodation in underdeveloped countries.  Choose a place where you can sleep in peace without the fear that someone will break into your room as you sleep. You also need a safe place to leave your possessions during the day and find them intact when you get back in the evening. If a hotel cannot guarantee your security, get another place that is safer even if it means paying more for it.

Customers’ Reviews

One of the best ways you can know how if an accommodation facility is good for you is the reviews of the past clients. You should check independent reviews online regarding the security, services, and even the food served in the accommodation. Do not proceed with your booking if most of the past reviews are negative.

The purpose of your visit should also be an important consideration when deciding on your accommodation. If you are going on a business trip, look for a place that is near the venue of your meeting. A quiet place where you can access uninterrupted internet connectivity would be convenient for you so that you can get to know how your business back home is doing. 

If you are able to choose the best place to stay, you can have the assurance that your time there will be amazing. You can make arrangements will local tourist companies if you are still unable to choose the right accommodation on your own.

Great Underdeveloped Countries to Visit

Are you planning to visit an underdeveloped country but are not sure about the best destination? Here is a guide showing some of the best underdeveloped countries you should visit.  These destinations are not only cheaper but will also give you a wealth of experience away from what you are used to:

The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best underdeveloped countries to visit globally and should be on top of your list in your next vacation. It has over 7000 islands and you would have a great time visiting some or most of these islands if you have time. if you prefer being in a big city, you can choose to go to Manila where there are tons of fun activities to take part in. to get the best view of the islands, you can choose to go to El Nido on Palawan.


Guatemala is another amazing tourist destination that has too much to offer. Though the level of poverty is quite high for most residents, the people are very friendly. They will not mind to share their history and culture with you and even teach you their local language. 

You’ll also get to see the beautifully made temples some of which are in the middle of the jungle. When in Semuc Champey, you’ll get to see the turquoise pools that are naturally formed in the Cahabon River. 


Ethiopia is the only African country that was never colonized and this means they have been able to maintain their culture without any western influence. You’ll love the culture, languages, and the amazing music of the locals. 

The cost of living in Ethiopia is very low as you’ll be able to get good accommodation for as little as $10. This means you can spend a long time going around the country without breaking the bank. However, it is important to get prepared to wait as most of the services are very slow even in restaurants. You can buy time chatting with the locals as you wait for the processing of your order. The wait is, however, worth it as the food is mouthwatering.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is best known for its wonderful beaches and their unique culture that is greatly influenced by Portuguese and Brazilian cultures. The country comprises of 10 islands and due to the strict policies to conserve the environment, they are very beautiful. Among the most popular destinations are Sal Island in the north and the Boa Vista island in the east. 


Palau is an island nation in the Pacific that has over 500 islands. The country has some of the most stunning sceneries on land and in the sea and considering that the country’s president is an environmental champion, you’ll love the amazing views. If you are a diving fan, you’ll love every moment you’ll spend in Palau.

Things You Should Know About Visiting Underdeveloped Countries

Planning to go on a vacation to an underdeveloped country is exciting and at the same time frightening especially if it is your first time. You don’t know what to expect or even how you should behave when you get there. Well, this does not have to be the case any as this guide has tips on what you need to know before you visit an underdeveloped country:

Talk to the Locals

Unlike in developed countries where people are used to visitors, people in underdeveloped countries do not have this privilege. To avoid suspicion, it is important to engage them in a conversation so that they can be more relaxed around you. For instance, you can ask about their culture, families or their lives in general. Just like people in developed countries need someone to talk too, these people need someone to talk to.

Remain Alert

Though most underdeveloped countries are generally safe, there are more cases of insecurity and this means you need to be cautious. Not everyone who wants to have a conversation with you has your best intention at heart. There are those that are looking for a chance to steal from you and if you are not alert, you may end up losing your valuables.

Have an Open Mind

When visiting underdeveloped countries, you’ll come across situations you never thought existed. For instance, you may find some locals living in abject poverty to the extent that you desire to turn back and return home. Similarly, you’ll come across some very exciting discoveries that will make you want to stay a little longer. You need to get prepared to face any situation depending on your destination and handle it in the best possible way.

Have Some Local Currencies Smaller Denominations

As you travel around the country, you may need to give a tip, baksheesh or even a donation. To make this possible, you can go to a local bank and get some loose change that you can use for this purpose. Though there are local hotels that will accept credit cards, there are those that will only accept cash and you need to be prepared always.

Do not Forget Your Immunization Jabs and Other Basic Precautions

In most underdeveloped countries, there is a high risk of contracting diseases such as yellow fever, polio, hepatitis, and Malaria, among others. You need to protect yourself by getting immunized before the day of your travel.

It is also important to be careful about the food you eat or the drinks you’ll be taking. For instance, you should only drink water whose seal is intact at the time you are buying it. You also need to ensure that the restaurant you’ll be taking your meals observes a high level of hygiene. With this, you’ll be sure that your food or drinks will not be contaminated.

Get Ready to Walk

Unlike in the developed countries where there are trains and buses to take you to any destination, the means of transport in underdeveloped countries is a challenge. You should be willing to take a walk during such times especially if the distance is small.  It will be a great opportunity to interact with the locals and get to know more about their culture.