Foods in Underdeveloped Countries

When visiting an underdeveloped country, one of the greatest worries is the food you’ll be eating. You fear that you’ll get sick from eating food that you are not used to or by eating contaminated foods. If this is the first time you are visiting an underdeveloped country, you should be very careful with your choice of restaurant. Check the hygiene standard of the hotel and its reputation from the clients who have been there in the past.

Here are some great tips that will guide you in regards to food any time you travel to an underdeveloped country:

Always eat or drink:

  • Fresh food that has just been cooked and still hot.  Avoid raw food such as salads especially if you did not take part in their preparation.  It is also important to consider where the food is prepared as it will also determine if the food is safe or not. 

There are numerous street vendors who sell food at low prices compared to the price of similar foods in restaurants. If you must take these foods, ensure that it is freshly cooked and that the vendor prepared it under hygienic conditions. 

  • Packed food whose seal is intact
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Fruits or vegetables you’ve cleaned using safe water and peeled where possible
  • Water or any other drink that is bottled and has its seal intact. If you’ll take water from a glass, ensure it is boiled or treated before taking it. There are some vendors who will sell substandard bottled water and other carbonated drinks. To avoid falling for them, buy reputable brands as this is the only way you’ll be sure that you are taking clean and safe substances.
  • Hot coffee and tea

If you must take alcohol in underdeveloped countries ensure that you take drinks whose seal is intact. 

At times, you may have to take your snacks in places where there is no water to clean your hands. You should carry a hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes that you can use to clean your hands before taking your snacks. 

There are foods that you always prefer back home and you’d give anything to have them while on vacation. Before you order such, however, you need to think of your safety and how well the meal is prepared.  It is also important to avoid being adventurous when it comes to food in underdeveloped countries. However tasty and inviting the food from street vendors is, have a second thought before making a purchase.

In the event that you fall sick after taking food in underdeveloped countries, seek medical attention immediately if the condition is serious. However, if it is simple indigestion or stomach ache, taking plenty of safe drinking water will solve the issue. 

There are millions of people who have visited underdeveloped countries and had the best experiences. You can check out their online reviews in regards to the food they took, the restaurants they visited or even the drinks they found safe. This way, you’ll not make terrible mistakes when choosing what to eat or drink in underdeveloped countries.