Getting Around in Underdeveloped Countries

When visiting an underdeveloped country, it is important to remember that the infrastructure is not as advanced as that of developed countries. Duration you would take to travel a particular distance will not be the same when traveling there. For this reason, you’ll need to give yourself more time to travel so that you don’t get late for your appointments.

You also need to ensure that the place you’ll be traveling to is safe and that the means of transport you’ve chosen is reliable and safe too. Here are some important points you need to remember when it comes to getting around in underdeveloped countries:

Getting around is more difficult

Most of the roads in underdeveloped countries are poor which will make it more difficult to get around using a car. You’ll need to start your journey earlier and get a vehicle that can withstand the bad condition of the roads. 

Air travel is more expensive in underdeveloped countries and this means you have to overstretch your budget if you choose to travel by air. 

Hiring a car is more convenient

When you have your own car for use during your travels, you’ll find it easier to move around. You will be able to schedule your visits to various destinations as you wish without the inconvenience that you’ll miss the bus.

It is good to have a designated driver

Since you are not conversant with the roads in the country, you may need someone to drive you around without the risk of missing your way.  The driver will play a huge role in helping you choose the right accommodation and places you can get the best foods. If you need to understand the local culture or need guidance on the best way to behave when interacting with the locals, he will be of great help.

Expect delays

When getting around in underdeveloped countries, there will always be delays. These could be as a result of police roadblocks, long queues, flight cancellations or even vehicle breakdown. You need to prepare in advance so that in any of these happens, you will be okay and will not miss an important appointment. Carrying some snacks, water, and something to keep yourself busy when this happens should be a priority.

Carry a colored copy of your documents always

To avoid getting on the wrong side of the law, ensure that you have all your documents with you always. This way, you will be able to prove your identity in case the local authorities demand to see your papers.

It is also important to take care of your health when getting around a developed country. Do not take any food or drinks that you are not sure of its safety as it could lead to ill health. Eat your food at reputable food joints where high standards of hygiene are observed during the preparation. When buying drinking water, ensure the seal is intact as this is the only way you’ll have a guarantee that the water is safe.