Health Concerns while travelling in underdeveloped countries

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A large number of travelers are going overseas, but there are those who choose to visit under-developed countries. Most of the under developed countries are the best travel destinations. These countries have beautiful natural landscapes and rich cultural and historical heritage. Some of these countries may not be the best on safety standards so you should take precautions. Thanks to Kris Gundersen for suggesting this blog.

Be cautious of sanitary conditions

Most people who travel to underdeveloped countries do experience health issues during their vacations. One thing travelers ought to understand I that these countries lack an elaborate sanitary system. The water in some of these countries might be unsafe for consumption without treatment or boiling. The food sellers’ standards of hygiene may differ from those used in developed areas. Travellers might suffer from food poisoning if they do not take extra caution of the cleanliness of anything they eat.

Be wary of the infectious diseases

Major health concerns in underdeveloped countries are contagious diseases such as malaria, diarrheal diseases and tuberculosis. These diseases cause a higher number of deaths annually in these countries. These diseases can be treated easily in developed countries, but they are still a significant problem in these countries. Medications needed to manage these infectious diseases are not readily available here, and the local health centres lack the necessary resources to administer treatment to all infected persons. The cost of treating them is high, and pharmaceuticals companies monopolise required drugs and sell them at outrageous prices.

When you plan to travel to these countries, have appropriate vaccinations.

Arm yourself with travel insurance

Travellers should have travel insurance in case of an injury or illness while in a foreign land. Travel insurance helps them reduce the medical expenses burden that they might have to deal with if they fall ill while on travel. The coverage eases the weight even if they happen to sustain mild infections while on a trip to the underdeveloped countries. Requirements for high medical costs can pose financial constraints to travelers, more so to those who had to travel on a tight budget.

To secure themselves from suffering severe financial losses, travelers to any of these countries should ensure that they get travel insurance before leaving for their trip. Travel insurance will not cover medical losses only but will include the loss of baggage, trip cancellation, personal injuries, emergency evacuations and travel curtailments.


It is advisable that travelers conduct proper research about the country they intend to visit, to know more about their living conditions, health issues, political situation and weather condition during their visit. They can also consider taking emergency travel insurance policy which will cover emergencies that they are likely to experience in the underdeveloped countries

When travelling anywhere it is always wise to take the necessary precautions, but you should take extra precautions when going to underdeveloped countries. Do not eat anywhere before ascertaining the hygiene of the place. Carry first aid kit because you might need it along the way.